Mari OwenPhotography


Thank you for visiting my site and taking time to look at my work.

I have loved making images all of my life, and very much enjoyed my career as a Freelance Photographer from 2005 until 2019 in my home country of Wales in the UK.

My career as a photographer was varied to say the least.  I've peered over the cliffs in Pembrokeshire photographing climbers, spent much time alone on stormy Welsh mountains and shores with the camera seeking out atmospheric landscapes. I've taken portraits of famous and not so famous people, taught people how to get the best out of their cameras, tackled a few dark churches with no electricity shooting weddings. I've certainly had some fantastic and challenging experiences.

I have also helped clients to get to grips with basic post-processing of images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Many of my pictures have been used globally in publications such as newspapers, guide books, book covers, magazines, websites and in print and canvas.

Prints of my images are for sale in the Landscape section, please see the individual picture for sizes available. Or contact me for further info. (See email link below).